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Duelmania DownUnder 2019 has begun!
[dirtbox - 2019-09-10 07:28:06]

With 21 entries confirmed in Australia, the Duelmania DownUnder 2019 bracket has been released and the tournament has begun.

Players in the winners bracket will have 10 days to complete their games and players in the losers bracket will have 5 days to complete theirs. Long deadlines have been given as there will be no extensions unless a very good case is made in the #duelmania-downunder channel on the Cooked eSports Discord.

Just a reminder that the maps are chosen in a Pick-Pick-Ban-Ban-Decider format for all games until the WB Final where it changes to BO5 for the WB Final, LB Final and Grand Final which are Pick-Pick-Pick-Pick-Decider. Higher seed picks first.

Getting started with Quakeworld
[dirtbox - 2019-08-30 07:25:20]

I have created a quick start video for new players from Quake Live and Quake Champions to get up and running easily in Quakeworld.

Cooked Academy: Getting started with Quakeworld


Registrations are open!
[dirtbox - 2019-08-26 11:05:21]

I just had to adjust the rules to suit us folks Down Under and now registrations are open.

I will keep them open for just a couple of weeks then it will be around 7-10 days to play each WB game and half that time to play each LB game until completion.

DuelMania comes Down Under
[dirtbox - 2019-08-26 00:51:54]

DuelMania, the biggest, most important and most revered online QuakeWorld duel tournament in history is coming Down Under for the first time ever.

Registrations to open soon.